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Divorce Is Rarely Simple. We Handle High-Asset And Complex Cases.

Our family law attorneys at Coia & Lepore, Ltd., in Providence, include Sheri Lepore, with 30 years experience and Dadriana Lepore, with over 10 years of experience. Both of them guide Rhode Islanders through divorce proceedings and often address complex issues associated with divorce, such as:

  • Complex property division
  • Division of assets
  • Contested child custody and visitation (parenting time)

We are extremely experienced in dealing with any relevant issues before, during or after divorce proceedings. For example, we can help you with divorce planning that may include inventorying your assets in detail or devising a safe departure plan for your children and yourself.

Will Your Divorce Be Uncontested Or Contested? Straightforward Or Complex?

You may have heard stories about the divorce of a friend or family member and assume that you know how yours might proceed. However, your unique assets, goals and family dynamics deserve careful analysis as you prepare to file for divorce or respond to your spouse’s petition for divorce.

Even if you and your spouse believe you agree on how you will divide assets and/or parenting responsibilities, one of you must file for divorce. Keep in mind that official looking documents may not prevent the unleashing of strong emotions. Domestic violence or threats might mean that you need a restraining order to get through the initial phase of your divorce. Our lawyers can help you address any issue, such as:

  • Custody and support complications
  • Parental relocation
  • Hidden assets that can make property division more difficult than it should be
  • Division of debts
  • Division of businesses, business interests or other investments

Will Mediation Help You Make The Necessary Decisions?

In traditional divorce procedures, spouses sometimes file motions and countermotions repeatedly, exposing private family information to public records and incurring legal fees. An alternative that many couples find much more beneficial is divorce mediation.

In mediation, you can address the same complications and disputes that might be part of courtroom hearings – but you can do so in a private forum that you and your spouse can control. This method especially helps couples who will co-parent after divorce. Separated parents often say that it establishes a tone that later helps them raise children in two households.

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