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Man faces kidnapping charges after breaking into local residence

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Certain crimes appear to lead inevitably to a cascade of other crimes. One of the crimes most likely to begin this process is attempting to escape the police. A recent incident in Providence demonstrates how one potentially unlawful act can quickly lead to another and then another.

The incident

According to police reports, they spotted a heavily tinted black Mercedes SUV violating speed limits in the suburb of Silver Lake. When police attempted to stop the Mercedes, the driver chose to speed away, eventually rolling the SUV on Route 10. The driver and a passenger fled the scene, but police quickly apprehended the passenger.

The driver escaped on foot to an adjacent neighborhood. A resident alerted police to a man trying to break into different houses on the street. When police found a house where no one responded, and where no one returned police phone calls, the officers forced an entry and found the driver of the SUV.

He was holding a woman and her daughter hostage and had prevented them from answering the door or using their cell phones. The suspect was arrested and charged with breaking and entering, kidnapping, robbery and gun possession charges.

The suspect’s prior criminal record

Police records showed that the driver of the Mercedes has a history of prior arrests, including domestic violence and unlawful breaking and entering. He was imprisoned on condition of bail in the amount of $30,000. His pre-arraignment conference is set for March.

Seriousness of conduct

The SUV driver’s attempt to evade the police is a serious crime in itself. The added element of holding the woman and her daughter against their will only adds to the severity of the criminal charges.

Solid legal advice

Kidnapping is a very serious crime, and it can result in criminal charges if the suspect is convicted. Anyone facing these or similar charges may benefit from consulting an experienced criminal defense attorney who can evaluate the evidence, suggest potential defense strategies and, if appropriate, assist in negotiating an acceptable plea agreement.