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How to tell your partner you want to get a prenup

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2023 | Family Law

Many myths surround prenuptial (prenup) agreements, and one is that you are assuming the marriage won’t last. So, how do you bring up such a highly controversial matter with someone you want to marry?

Here are three tips to help you:

Have the conversation early

If you want to get a prenup, you should inform your partner early. This gives them enough time to obtain more information about it as well. Further, your spouse won’t feel rushed to make a decision, which can be the case if you tell them a few days before the wedding.

If possible, you should tell your partner before you are engaged. This way, they will have time to assess how they feel about the matter and if they are comfortable getting into the agreement.

Be upfront about your reasons

You should provide your partner with in-depth information about why you want a prenup. Consider listing your reasons and explaining each clearly. Your spouse should know the prenup will protect both of you if the marriage ends in a divorce. When your motives are clear and trustworthy, your partner may be more willing to listen to your concerns and communicate theirs openly. 

Stay calm

If your spouse is uncomfortable signing a prenup, you should not get worked up. Chances are you took time before deciding you want a prenup. Your partner deserves the same. Thus, stay calm if they don’t want to sign it and give them time to make informed decisions.  

Talking about a prenup can be challenging. But the above-discussed tips can help you. You should seek legal guidance when you are both ready to make one.